Healthcare Can Be Fixed

As a cost containment company, Compass solves the greatest problems in healthcare: cost, quality, and prevention, with common sense solutions that deliver proactive, high‐value healthcare that saves lives.

Our Approach is Different

Compass' personalized Health Pro concierge uses proprietary data analysis tools to identify  top performing providers with guaranteed  surgical pricing, resulting in increased quality,  safety, and collaboration, with lower cost for  everyone.

Real Solutions That Work

Compass supplies employees with the actual cost and quality of healthcare providers, connecting individuals with the right doctor, at the right time, and at the right cost-emphasizing  patient  engagement, patient education, and patient  accountability.

Individuals & Families

Patient advocacy services from Compass Professional Health Services can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on medical bills. By registering today, you'll  have access to experts  who give you insider healthcare information that is often otherwise hard to find. Compass  health experts are ready to help by phone or email.

On average, Compass members save $620 every year by avoiding overpriced medical care. Our members also avoid many stressful hours of deciphering medical bills  or calling insurance  companies, doctors and hospitals. Here are some of the key services you will receive:

Cost of Medical Care

There are huge price differences in the cost of medications, diagnostic  test (especially MRIs and CT scans) and surgery. Compass helps you to shop for quality medical care at a low price. Instead of  jaw-dropping sticker‐shock when you get your bill, use Compass Health Pros to compare prices before you receive care. 

Doctor Screening and Recommendations

Not all doctors are the same. Some are not board certified. Others have an uncomfortable bedside manner. Compass makes your doctor choice more informed by prescreening physicians. We carefully consider physicians based on your preferences,physician profiling, and quality data.


Medical care is complex and frustrating. Feel like your doctors are not talking to each other? Feel like you are bouncing around from one office to the next? Compass is your patient advocate for organizing care and facilitating communication so you can focus on getting well. See below how Compass can help every step of the way. 

Don't wait until you're sick

Don't wait until you're sick

Compass Professional Health Services provides the price‐transparency, quality checks, and patient advocacy that unlock the power of healthcare consumerism.

Compass lets you take advantage of the lower prices within their existing network. In‐Network prices vary by 300% locally‐‐that means the same MRI can cost $500 or $1,500 depending on where you go.

Compass Health ProTM patient‐advocates provide you with that pricing information along with quality comparisons for medical services. Compass Health Pros continue to support you with appointment scheduling and other concierge services.